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Monday 20 January 2014

The Best of Both Worlds General Release

The Best of Both Worlds (the sequel to Streetlight People) is now available at most vendors

 It wasn’t just my future career I was anxious over. The other reason that I was determined to go to a big city was something I already knew deep down. My ménage experience with Street and Andi had absolutely solidified it. But they hadn’t wanted anything lasting. I needed a permanent polyamorous relationship. I knew that to make my life complete, I needed a couple. A perfect man and woman. I’d already had them in Griff and Avery. They were the pairing of my dreams. The best of both worlds.

                                              Single White Female seeks perfect couple...                            

This is Toni's story...

Stop back in a few days; say around January 27th. I'm going to post an f/f scene. 

From the blurb above The last thing Toni expects is to reawaken a past infatuation with her former best girlfriend, Avery, with whom she once shared a passionate kiss and a little bit more.

I'll share the 'little bit more' between Toni and Avery. So make sure to check back. It's a hot one!

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And to make it even more fun, I think I'll do a giveaway for that post. So make sure to check  back for that one. As usual I'll shout about it on Twitter and FB.

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