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Friday 10 January 2014

Please Welcome Back Donna Gallagher @donnag63

Please Welcome Back my friend and fellow Totally Bound Author Donna Gallagher...  

Hi everyone and thank you H K, for inviting me to your blog.

One of the things an author does when she/he has a new release is ask around to do guest spots on blogs. There is this frantic blog post writing that happens around this time and its really hard trying to find new ways of promoting or showcasing that new release. Youve got to get it out there for people to see in the hope some may find the excerpts, blurbs or posts interesting enough to catch their eye and maybe enough to buy your book.

Now, I do have a new release Cassies Choice, book 7 in my League of Love series is available for early download at Totally Bound and will be released to all other outlets on 24th January. But instead of talking about that I decided what I really wanted to blog about was how awesome H.K. Carlton is, as both an author and a friend. She better post this blog or else ;)

I met H.K. on line when we both released our first books with Totally Bound Publishing back in 2012. Weve not met in person but have exchanged many emails. I ribbed her unmercifully when I took my trip to Scotland last year because I knew how much she loved the country and wanted to visit one day. I think I mentioned my trip on every blog post or email for about six months prior. On my way to Scotland I read H.K.s historical erotic books, The Devil Take You and You Found me. Seriously they were such great reads and got me into the Scottish spirit of things. I have a bit of a crush on Gard.

H.K. has also introduced me to the m/f/f ménage genre with her books Streetlight People and Best of Both Worlds. Both seriously hot books. Loved them! If You Cant Stand the Heat was another spicy little read and so timely with all the cooking reality shows on at the moment.  Friends of mine are foodies and I had a little giggle thinking about them in this book.

The thing is H.K. is not only a talented author writing across a variety of genres, she is also a very supportive one. I was at a lunch in Sydney the other day and a fellow Totally Bound author mentioned that we didnt need a street team (a group of fans that talks up your book) because we had H.K. You see H.K. will repost on twitter or share on Facebook every significant (and some not so important) milestones in an authors career. She is so incredibly supportive. I think she has made more comments on my blog than anyone else (Jennifer Wright is up there too) Im sure that she spends her whole day visiting other authors blogs just to make us all feel loved. And to top it off H.K. is a sports fan! I love the hot ice-hockey player pics she posts.
Tyler Bozak from my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs
Patrice Bergeron my beloved! Just named to the 2014 Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey Team. Oh, and BTW he was on the 2010 Gold Medal Winning team too. Just sayin'.

So this blog is to say a big THANK YOU to H.K. Carlton for being such a wonderful woman. To encourage anyone who may not have read any of H.K.s books to give them a try. One day I will get to Canada and met you (and your rugby playing son) H.K. to thank you in person but for now this will have to do.  Big cheers to you from me on behalf of all the authors you have supported.

Thank you, Donna, right back at you. And now while blushing and hanging my head, let's get on to what this post should really be about. Celebrating Donna's four nominations for the 2013 Australian Romance Romance Readers Association Awards

In the Favourite Erotic Romance category not one but two of Donna's books from her extremely popular and highly regarded League of Love Series: 

In the Favourite Continuing Romance Series category for The League of Love Series

The Sexiest Hero from a romance published in 2013 category for Gareth Andrews also from Emily's Cowboy 

and finally the ever coveted Favourite Australian Romance Author category. 
Big Congratulations, Donna. I'm so excited for you! I hope you'll come back in March with an arm load of well earned and much deserved sparkly hardware (and that can be taken in a totally different context with a room full or erotic romance authors) and we'll devote that entire post to you and share a glass of bubbly. Cheers, my friend and all the best of luck!
The Australian Romance Readers Association sixth annual Australian Romance Readers Awards will be presented on Saturday 22 March 2014. If you're a member please remember to cast your VOTE!


  1. It seems H.K re hijacked her blog. Thank you :D

  2. I agree with everything Donna says about HK. We all love you HK! Yes, I was the other Totally Bound author at the lunch!

    Oh, and congrats on the release and the award nominations Donna :-)

    1. Hey, Maggie, kinda thought it was you! :D Lots of love right back at you and Donna both. So excited about Donna's noms! Thanks for stopping. Cheers!