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Friday 28 February 2014

#MySexySaturday Verbal Sparring or Foreplay?

Welcome to the 38th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week we’re talking about getting sexy on. You know…those slow dramatic build ups to that first kiss…or the foreplay involved with making a great sexy scene. There is nothing like a well written love scene and we want to know just how your characters get sexy on. Is it soft and slow and oh, so beautiful? Is it rough and fast because there is little time to declare their love? Is it in space? In a boardroom? Or in their own humble bedroom? 

This week take a peek at the walking cliché Syn and her too hot to handle chef, Sesto from If You Can't Stand the Heat, while they titillate each other, verbally. It's all a form of foreplay for these two hot headed passionate people. 
Somebody’s about to get burnt…

An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new cooking show—Sesto Théodore, an American-Italian New York chef, and Syn Fully, a world-weary author of erotica. It’s instantly clear that they are complete opposites and their personalities clash, but physically, sparks fly and passion ignites.

Sesto watched as Syn turned to the other judge and whispered something into his ear. He threw his blond head back and roared at whatever she'd said. Then the two of them focused on him. It was nice that they were having a laugh at his expense, no better than high school kids.

“Something you’d like to share with the class, Ms Fully?” Sesto asked, coldly.

“Mmm, I usually don’t like to share with strangers, at least not until I’ve known them more than ten minutes, but if you insist.” Sesto was mesmerised, when she slowly wet her lips, her pointy little tongue almost cupping the centre of her upper lip, before retracting over straight white teeth, disappearing into her mouth. She finished answering the question that he’d almost forgotten he’d asked. “I said that you looked like you could use a good blow job. Release some of that obvious tension.”

Sesto’s cock swelled not only at her words but also that crazy thing that she’d done with her tongue. Fuck! How was he to maintain a cool demeanour when he felt like she’d just licked his dick? “Save your crass vocabulary for your adoring yet easily stimulated fans, Ms Fully, it won’t work on me.”

The corner of her mouth quirked and her eyes narrowed. “Oh, really,” she breathed as if she knew of the painful boner she’d created for him. “I almost want to verify your quick denial for myself, Chef Tay-a-dor.” He watched her lips as she enunciated his name slowly, sexily.

Fisting his hands so that he wouldn’t be tempted to grab one of hers and prove she was absolutely correct in her assumption; instead he snapped at the director, “Can we get on with this?”

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  1. Oooh, an author who's more than just her words on a page...intriguing ;)

  2. Awesome - this is such a great story ;-)

  3. Love enemies to friends to lovers. The development will be luscious.