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Friday 14 February 2014

The Nightmares Series by Sage Marlowe @SageMarlowe @Totally_Bound

The Nightmares - Series by Sage Marlowe

What if the old, folkloristic tales are true and nightmares exist? What if a nightmare isnt just the vivid and frightening scenario our tormented subconscious presents to us as we sleep, but a paranormal being that is as substantial and real as you and Ian incubus, a demon that feeds on human emotions? Could a man fall in love with such a demon, and could the demon love him in return?

Colin Meighan, co-owner of the small but successful gay porn production company Centre Studs is also the companys biggest star. He sports a pretty exterior, but theres more to him than meets the eye. Too young to know the full extent of what he is, he has to learn that the world he lives in isnt what it seems. There are powers at work that exceed everything hes ever believed in and the lines between nightmare and reality become blurred as he discovers the truth about himself and his gruesome heritage.

This, in short, is what the Nightmares Series is about, but theres more to it. A lot more. A cast of intriguing, likeable and mysterious characters takes you on a ride with more twists and turns than the average rollercoaster. Hot sex is more than just fun for these guysits vital. And yet, while one man alone can never be enough for demon Colin, romance and love are far from dead.

Try the Nightmares but be warned: theyre addictive and will possiblyprobablyleave you sweating, tossing and turning in your bed…or wherever you choose to read them.

Heres the beginning of A Nightmare Come True, Book One in the Nightmares Series, to whet your appetite (Copyright Sage Marlowe, 2013):

When the day I was supposed to meet Colin Meighan finally arrived, I still couldnt believe my luck. I was dying to meet the man in person, so, unsurprisingly, I arrived early at the address Uncle Tony had given me. It was a somewhat run-down former warehouse and far from the sexy and glamorous location Id been expecting to find.

My uncle Tony, who always knew someone who knew someone, had set me up for a job. "Its cash in hand," hed told me, shielding me from my mothers suspicious glances. "A fairly good rate, too, as long as youre willing to keep your eyes shut for some of the time."

It had been our monthly family gathering and I, true to form, had arrived with the news of having been sacked once again. Just what did it say about me that my mother hadnt even seemed surprised and my father, who once upon a time would have considered this a perfect reason to warm my hide, had just shrugged and continued to pick at his food?

"What exactly does this job involve?" Id asked under my breath, watching my parents wordless argument.

"A bit of everything," Tony had replied. "Its a low-budget film production and they just need a capable pair of hands to help move around equipment, put up lights and screens and stuff like that. Ive done it a few times myself, but Im busy that day."

Young and naïve as I was, the words 'film production' had blocked out the adjective 'low-budget' by far, but it hadnt been until Id cornered Tony on the doorstep, when hed been about to leave, that I had managed to extract further information on the film production in question.

"Gay porn," hed said, smirking. "But dont worry, the guys keep their hands to themselvesor each other, anyway. You wont need to watch the action either. Just turn around when youre done with your part of the job."

I hadnt pointed out the double-entendre in his last sentence. He certainly hadnt suggested I turn around and show my butt to some of the hottest guys in Britain. Pursuing the topic of gay porn or even gay sex any further wouldnt have been wise at the best of times, but on the doorstep of my fathers house, jobless and on the wrong page of my fathers books, it could have rendered me homeless within minutes.

Of course, my sexual orientation had always been a well kept secret at our home. My parents knew but the rest of the family remained in the dark, so dear Uncle Tony probably thought nothing of sending me to the set of a porn film. Little did he know that it was like asking an eight-year old to help guard a candy store. When hed mentioned the name of the production company, Centre Studs, Id barely been able to stop myself punching the air in victory. Centre Studs was a small company and a lightweight compared to the big overseas porn industry, but they made high quality films using the nations finest gay porn stars. And for me, when it came to gay porn stars, there was no one better or hotter than Colin Meighan.

The inside of the building kept the promise its outside had given. Bare stone walls, naked, chipped and paint-stained concrete floors and cheap, too bright overhead lights. I was a guy and it didnt take much to get me in the mood, but somehow Id imagined the location for a porn film shoot to have just a tad more of a sexy atmosphere.

I was one of the first to arrive. There was another guy with a ponytail who was busy glaring at his smartphone, two cameramen and one man who was busy taping a large microphone to a rod.

"Hi there," I greeted no one in particular and no one in particular responded. The only replies I got from the four men were muffled grunts and a mumbled "Hello."

I went to the man with the ponytail. "Hi, Im Mike. Mike Fawkes."

Tapping away on his phone, he barely looked up. "Peter Evans. Call me Pete. Im the producer-slash-director-slash-casting agent. Any questions, talk to me."

"Yeah, all right." I let my gaze travel across the run-down film set. A super king-size bed was tucked into a corner, which was probably for the best as it didnt look inviting. Its stripped mattress wore a multitude of stains in different shadesfading scars that had been earned in countless battles. An old-fashioned but large sofa sat in the middle of the room, its faded green corduroy covering threadbare in places. No, they didnt put much effort into an appealing location. 

"So, this is where the actions gonna happen, huh?" I observed, mainly just to say something.

Pete glanced at me. The corners of his eyes were wrinkled in a half-smile. "Yeah. Youre early."

"Well, yes. I figured it might be better if I came early."

A soft chuckle right behind me made my back tingle. "Sweetheart, in this business its never good to come early."

Pete looked past me and grinned. "You took the words right out of my mouth. Hi, Colin. Youre a bit early yourself."

"Yeah, I know," Colin drawled. He moved past me and leaned in to Pete who tilted his head. For a moment I thought hed kiss him full on the mouth, then Colin turned the motion into a quick peck on the cheek, but it was too late.

A scene from the film Id watched last night in anticipation of the meeting interfered with reality and a dirty fantasy began to unwind in my mind. I imagined Colin greeting me with a kiss, only that ours would be open mouths and tongue-touching and all. Blood shot into my dick, fast enough to make me dizzy. Fool that I was, Id come prepared to meet the star of my dreams, but nothing had prepared me for Colins enormous sex appeal. On camera he was sexy as sin, off camera he was Viagra on legs. He wore tight-fitting, ripped blue jeans and a pale grey, long-sleeved T-shirt. The fabric of the latter was so soft that it not only hugged the curves of his pectoral musclesI could also easily make out the shape of the nipple piercing underneath.

For the full series listing, please visit the publishers website at: https://www.totallybound.com/index.php?route=product/series&series_id=388

The first four books are also already available from
and ARe: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-anightmarecometrue-1335054-340.html (the links take you to the first book in the series)

Or visit Sages world on www.sage-marlowe.com

About the author

Sage is a multi-published author of MM erotic romance novels and novellas and loves exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction.

A willing slave to all the fascinating guys who keep queuing up and want their stories told, Sage can almost always be found cooking up the next hot story or daydreaming about new ways of rubbing sexy male bodies together to make the sparks fly.

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