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Saturday 22 August 2015

#MySexySaturday That Sexy Time of Day in ... a Limo #Saturday7

Welcome to the 106th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme:
There are people who make love in the morning. There are people who make love at night. Or maybe it’s the afternoon. Whenever it is, it’s that sexy time of day. Show us your best. Or your worst if you’re so inclined.

The Rules: 
Post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words from a WIP or something already have published.

A snippet from Gave Good Face...

Lot reached over and fucked with the buttons on the door panel looking for the one that would raise the smoked partition between the two compartments of the limo. As soon as he found it and the soft wurr sound made it obvious that they had some privacy, Pash unfastened his trousers as he fumbled to move her panties out of their way.

“Just give it a pull, love,” she panted.

Christ he loved how fast she got worked up. She was wearing some kind of teddy type lingerie with snaps at the juncture. With three soft pops, he was fingertip deep in supple wet pussy. She rocked her slit over his hand while still kissing him hungrily.

“We’re about three minutes away from the cut off that will take us to the terminal,” the driver piped in over the sound system giving them plenty of warning.

Lot shuffled his butt, the leather creaking. “Uhhh, thank you,” he gritted through his teeth. “Well, he knows exactly what’s going on back here.”

“Who cares? Three minutes?” Pasha all but whined, guiding Lot’s cock to her waiting pussy. She sunk down on him—her tight walls closing in around him had his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

She tossed her blonde head back, her mouth opened on a long moan, and she began that radiant up and down motion. Lot joined her, digging his fists into the car seat for leverage. He thrust his hips, plunging deep, determined to make her come before they reached their destination.

Hope you enjoyed the tease. Don't forget to hop on through the linky list below for this week's crop of MSS participants. 
Have a Sexy Saturday 

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