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Monday 24 August 2015

Week 51 #MasturbationMonday Have Mercy #erotic #excerpt

Masturbation Monday Week 51 

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.


Have Mercy
The couple across from me on the subway were really going at it; kissing and groping each other. Like most of the other passengers, I tried to seem disinterested, jaded to what went on in the city on this tube every given day. But I couldn’t stop watching, especially when the man in the expensive suit, put his meaty hand on the woman’s creamy thigh, just below the hem of her knee length skirt. He began to push it up.

Were they so caught up they didn’t realize where they were? Didn’t care? No matter how into a chick I was, I didn’t think I’d go hog wild in public like that. Though the further her skirt rose, the more I could understand it.

I shifted uncomfortably in the seat and pulled at my pant leg, trying to make some room in the suddenly restrictive crotch area of my jeans.

Once again, I looked away, only this time I made awkward eye contact with a female commuter. She rolled her eyes but smiled.

I chuckled in response.

The stylish outfit she wore, led me to believe she was a professional of some kind, maybe a lawyer or financier. She too seemed uncomfortable. At first I assumed it was just the inconsiderate lovers, who were now beginning to breathe hard and clutch at one another’s clothing. But on closer inspection I realized she was slightly aroused just as I was. Every bit of her exposed skin appeared flushed, even the vee created by the cut of her blouse had a pink tinge. But the blatant giveaway was how her stiff nipples strained against the pristine white material and how she fidgeted, alternately clamping and releasing her knees.

Staring at her wasn’t helping my stiff predicament. I had visions of her ripping open that starched white blouse, me falling to my knees and burying my face between her heavy pale breasts and suckling those perfect little nipples until they were hard points.

I pried my gaze away. It wasn’t until after I’d given her a good and probably brazen once over that I realized her attention had been riveted to the massive bulge in my pants. It was hard to miss.

Unfortunately, being the horn dog I was, I happened to glance over, just as the-man-in-the-suit’s hand disappeared up the woman’s skirt. She squirmed and moaned as he worked around. With no shame she opened her legs, giving me and all the other travelers, a clear view of her fuck-me red panties and his clawing fingers as he tried to paw inside.

He lifted the elastic lip of her undergarment revealing a smooth hint of outer labia. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. I had to fist my hand at the last minute realizing I was reaching for my aching cock. Man, the minute I got home, I was gonna have to jerk-off. With my eyes shut I could already imagine it, feel it.

The male passenger next to me crossed his legs and cleared his throat rather loudly. The poor guy on the other side murmured a well-timed holy fuck!

The man-in-the-suit, all of sudden, pulled on his companion’s long blonde hair, reefing her head backward.

She gasped and stared at him, her eyes all but rolling.

“When I get you home, I’m gonna fuck you so goddamn hard,” he said, through gritted teeth. 

But instead of answering him or diving at him, as I’d expected, she glared over his shoulder at my sexy-lady-lawyer, as if she’d done something offensive. Worse yet, the man-in-the-suit, was staring at me.

“What?” My lady-lawyer snapped. She even did a little quirk thing with her head and gestured mockingly with her hand, calling out the other woman. My admiration for this unknown woman notched ever higher. Obviously, she was a city-girl through and through, tough and confident. “You can’t wait until he gets you home? At least do us all a favor and wait until you disembark. Do it on the platform or some refuse infested alleyway for all we care, but give us a break. Christ! That grotesque display may have turned me off sex indefinitely,” she scoffed, her disgusted expression was absolutely priceless.

She looked around at the other passengers, including me, and we all nodded, backing her up.

The other woman sat there with her mouth hanging open in shock. The man-in-the-suit, tugged on his ladyfriend’s skirt, his face ruddy with embarrassment.

The pair untangled themselves from one another and straightened up as best they could.

At the very next stop, they exited the train, with their heads down, they acknowledged no one as they took the walk of shame. 

Several of the remaining passengers erupted in spontaneous applause. 

Laughing, I looked over at my enticing little lawyer-lady and she grinned.

The next stop was mine. I stood and tried my best to conceal my massive boner, but my new acquaintance, took slow and thorough inventory before meeting my gaze.

With absolutely nothing witty to say, I gave her a wink as I passed by and stepped off the train, striding down the platform quickly. I jogged up the steps, although rather stiffly, and once above ground, I shoved my hands in my pockets and I began to huff it home. Surreptitiously, I placed my hand alongside my aching cock, through the lining of my jeans. Luckily, I only lived a block away.

But just as I was about to pass the alleyway between the bodega and the dry cleaners, I was pushed into the alley. Fists raised, I turned, ready to defend myself. But I soon surrendered when the feisty little lawyer-lady backed me against the brick wall and began to fumble with the button and zipper of my jeans.

Was this happening? I didn’t have this kind of luck.

“Well, howdy, sexy lawyer-lady,” I drawled, taking her by the slim hips.

She looked up at me, her lips were parted, she was breathing hard. I wasn’t sure if it was from arousal, or the walk, trying to catch up with me, but I didn’t really care.

“Let me see,” she demanded, still bumbling with my trousers. “That substantial bulge can’t possibly live up to my expectations.”


In all due haste, I pulled my pants and boxers down. My cock jutted long and hard between us.

“Ohhh,” she breathed and dropped her satchel on the ground. To my shock and pleasure she took hold of my dick and softly, exploratively, pumped it up and down.

Jesus Christ, this was happening! What was I doing just standing there like a dolt?

I yanked up her skirt; overjoyed when she didn’t stop me. I dashed my fingertips over her damp panties and stifled a moan.

I bent, in an attempt to kiss her, but she avoided my lips.

Fine. Instead I worked my hand inside her underwear. She even turned, slightly to give me a better angle. She was slick with arousal, swollen with need. My dick swelled to excruciating proportions.

I wiggled my fingers through her silken folds. To my delight, she shuddered. 

“I thought you said those two on the train were grotesque…turned you off sex indefinitely.”

“Oh please, it was hot and you know it. If they hadn’t come up for air when they did, the other passengers might have had to put up with two thoughtless couples going at it because I was about two seconds from jumping in your lap.”

My cock pulsed in her expert hands. “Well fuck, now I wish they’d kept it up.”

At that moment, I needed to get inside her. I slipped one finger into her supple welcoming entrance. With a sigh, she melted, sinking into my hand. I worked my finger in and out as she worked her hips.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

Mentally, I took inventory of my wallet and was pretty sure I wasn’t packing.

I shook my head. “You?”

With her lips tight, she shook her head. “Probably for the best,” she said.


“I don’t know you,” she said, but continued to manipulate my cock, like she'd known me for ages.

Well, there was some logic. She didn’t want to fuck me because she didn’t know me, but it was okay for me to frig her in some refuse littered alleyway, with filthy fingers, for all she knew. But who was I to question it when I was receiving a skillful hand-job from the sexy stranger.

I leaned back and rested my ass against the brick wall and opened my stance, finding some balance and some leverage to thrust. She continued to fist my cock, tugging rhythmically.

I inserted another finger into her silky-smooth pussy but this time, crooked my fingers forward and stroked her swollen softness.

“Oh, God, yeah,” she cried, closing her eyes. “Oh, yeah, just like that. Rub … right … uhh …” She fidgeted from foot to foot. Her mouth opened on a whispy gasp. I couldn’t take my eyes off her mouth, I wanted to take it in a wild torrid kiss, but I knew she didn’t want that. Instead, with my free hand I found her engorged clit. She moaned and circled her hips. If possible her cunt seeped even wetter.

My cock swelled painful proportions. I was gonna blow.

Just then, her pussy clenched my fingers in a strong contraction, followed by a rapid succession of catch and release. Bucking against my hand, the not-so prim-and-proper lawyer-lady bobbed up and down, panting through—just going by feel— one hell of an incredible orgasm. In a haze of ecstasy, she jerked my cock unmercifully as she came.

My balls constricted and my dick pulsed. Quickly, I abandoned her clit and covered the tip of my erupting shaft from hosing us both; instead coating our hands in my warm milky cum.

With a dreamy expression she looked up at me and exhaled heavily. “Thanks, I needed that.”

“My pleasure. Any time.” I grinned.

Unfortunately, she released me from her hold and she gave my arm a little push. Reluctantly, I slid my fingers from her sweet warm pussy.

She tugged her skirt down and reached for her satchel. After rooting around she handed me a tissue. We both cleaned up. I tossed the Kleenex aside and tucked away my sated cock, zipping up.

My lawyer-lady neatened up her clothing then slung her carryall over her shoulder.

“So how often do you take the 5:15?” she asked. “I don’t remember seeing you before.”

“I normally catch the 6:15. I got off early today, thankfully.”

Watching me, she all of a sudden stuck out her hand, as if thanking me for a service or transaction. I chuckled at the thought but grasped her smaller hand in mine.

“I hope I run into you again …” she drew out the last as if asking for my name.

“Jake,” I supplied.

She smiled. “Jake,” she repeated my name and then supplied hers. “Mercy.”

“I hope to see a lot more of you, too, Mercy, and soon.” She could take that however she liked.

She headed out of the alleyway, I followed. “Next time we won’t be strangers.”

Even though I’d just experienced a gut-wrenching and satisfying orgasm my cock still pulsed at the implications. Was she saying next time we could fuck?

“I’ll bring the condoms,” I said.

“And I’ll bring … well, I guess you know what I’ll bring.” Did I ever. “See ya around, Jake.” She disappeared around the corner.

Smiling, I ducked out onto the sidewalk and watched her, still in shock that that hot piece of ass followed me off the train. I bit my lip as I admired the sway of her hips and her lovely long legs. "Mm mm, have Mer-cy!" 

I waited until I couldn't see her anymore before I started for home.

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Happy M-Monday! 


  1. Holy fucking hell. You just made me want to ride a train, and I swear I don't care where it's going!