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Monday 17 August 2015

Week 50 #MasturbationMonday Quiet Riot #erotic #excerpt

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.


 Night Shift / Quiet Riot
The night shift sucked.

As soon as I got in the door I dropped my gear, and tiptoed to the bathroom.

I hopped right into the shower before I did anything else. I lathered up and rinsed off the unpleasant smell from my skin along with the sweat and the soot.

As I towelled off, I could still detect that persistent hint of smoke. No matter what soap or body wash I tried, that pungent odour could linger for hours, sometimes days, depending on the type of fire we’d been to. 

Trying to dry off in the steamy bathroom was a lost cause in this humidity. Even with the A/C cranked our tiny new apartment seemed stifling. I slung the towel around my hips and quietly wandered down the hallway. Still to wired too sleep I was about the head for the kitchen when my beautiful new bride caught my eye, as I passed by the bedroom door. My blood pumped a little faster.

“Well, now there is something to be said for this unbearable heat,” I murmured to myself, as I approached my sleeping naked beauty. My cock inched up with interest, tenting the damp towel.

Dawn was just breaking; bathing the room and her lovely bare skin in a soft light. She was on her side, with her back to me. I admired the slope of her shoulder, her tanned and tatted back, the dramatic dip at her slim waist, giving way to the generous curve at her hip, all leading to the luscious roundness of her sweet ass.

“Mmm mmm.” She was fine. Best decision I ever made.

At the bedside, I dropped the towel. My cock jutted towards the object of our obsession.

I reached out and trailed a finger over her soft skin, tracing the same path my gaze had just taken. But this time, I strayed all the way down to one slim ankle before making the journey back up, skimming over the slope of her calf, past her knee, up one creamy thigh. By the time I arrived back at her tempting backside, my cock was fully erect.

Misty shifted, rolling her shoulder. She mumbled something incoherent.

With open palms, I caressed the soft swells of her bum, letting one hand drift up her side.

“Mmm,” she hummed. I didn’t think she was fully awake just yet, but she was definitely interested. She moved her arm giving me an unhindered path all the way up to the plumpness of one breast. I outlined the soft tissue, teasing softly in a circular pattern, and was pleased when her nipples hardened.

She made another small sound in the back of her throat. “I smell a hint of smoke masked by soap. Is the place on fire, or is that my hot handsome husband  back there?”

I chuckled and crawled into bed cuddling up, my chest to her back, cushioning my hard shaft against her backside.

She wiggled her sweet ass. “Hmm, hello, baby,” she greeted softly.

With an open palm I continued to rub her hip, slowly making my way over her soft stomach. She sighed as I caressed lower.

Leisurely, I circled over her bare mound.

I kissed her shoulder, smoothing my lips over the softness of her neck and jaw line, even grazing her with my teeth. That pulled a nice throaty moan from her.

I curled my fingers around her pussy lips and tenderly stroked her slit.

“Feels sooo good.” Restlessly, she shifted.

My cock throbbed, pressed between us. 

She parted her legs and I knew from experience that was an invitation. I slid my hard shaft between her thighs and rubbed back and forth, saturating the underside of my dick with her slickness. All the while, I continued to round her clit at an unhurried pace. Slow and gentle.

Masturbation Monday Week 50

I could feel the tension building in her. Her thighs quivered, her breathing laboured. She arched her back pressing her ass against me. Demanding more. But I was happy to tease and torture her with softness.

She reached between us, and tucked my dick inside her. She was so slick and supple I slipped right in with no resistance. I drew back and buried myself to the hilt in her scorching heat, then stilled, for all but the perpetual dialling of her swollen clit.

She all but growled her frustration and moved back and forth on my dick.

“Stay still. Let me get us there my way.”

She whimpered but did as I asked.

“That's it, relax, baby, let me do all the work.”

She melted into me. With very small but acute stroking, I continued to pleasure her velvety clit.

Experiencing her growing need from the inside was pleasure and pain all rolled into one. Exquisite little pulses leapt and rippled up and down my aching dick. 

Finally, she cried out. Her satiny walls clenched my shaft, stealing my breath. Her hips rolled as the most satisfying rapid-fire spasms hugged my throbbing cock, from root to tip. The quiet riot going on inside her pulled me over the edge.    

As the luscious contractions, eased to little flutters, she pulled my arms around her tight. Her heavy breathing soon gave way to the deep even rhythm of sleep. 
The end to this night shift wasn't half bad. 
Buried inside her, I too slept.
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