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Saturday 14 January 2017

#MySexySaturday Sexy Stranger - Sneak Peek to 'Sin Bin' from the Sacred and Profane Antho

Welcome to the 172nd week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme: My Sexy Stranger

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Happy New Year Everyone. This is the first My Sexy Saturday Hop of 2017. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you all the best for the coming year. 

This week, I'm sharing a snip from Sacred & Profane [Priest Erotic Romance] an anthology from Sexy Little Pages, Edited by Torrance Sené, coming January 17th. My story is entitled, Sin Bin. 

Blurb Sacred and Profane

Ten stories of temptation, romance, and blasphemy featuring Sonni de Soto, Piper Denna, Torrance Sené, Charlotte French, Bronwyn Green, Leandra Vane, Mira Stanley, Jordan Monroe, H K Carlton, and Jillian Boyd.

Not even men of the cloth are exempt from God’s greatest gift: Love. In Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance, you’ll find stories of clergymen stepping outside their vows, pastors weaving divinity into their seductions, nuns and parishioners confessing to their body’s every earthly desire, and more.

Are you aroused by the blasphemous dance of sex and religion? The dangerous edge of eroticism contained within submission to something beyond oneself? The taboo juxtaposition of holy and sensual? Then Sacred and Profane welcomes you.


From backstage Camillah looked out at the growing crowd. Even beyond the bright lights, she could see him, the man in black. Excitement bubbled low in her stomach. He’d been coming in sporadically for weeks now. As usual he had his cap pulled low, his collar up, but there was something about him.

For the first time, he sat close to the stage and not tucked away in the shadows. He was growing bolder, coming closer to her, she thought fancifully. It was weird, this attraction to him. It gave her hope that one day she might actually fall for another guy.

Racing to her dressing room, Camillah took special care selecting a costume. In his honor, she donned a black corset, with two brilliant white satin ribbons which ran up either side of her ribcage and disappeared under her ample breasts. Thigh-high fishnet stockings held by garters and short black boots finished off the simple sexy ensemble.

As she was about to leave the dressing area, she added one last item to complete the look. A goth-looking rosary. The vee of the necklace ended just under her breasts. The rest of the chain, from the Glory-Be bead down dangled past her belly button ending with the black crucifix.

“Cam, you’re on,” the stage-manager called.

Toward the back of the slightly raised dais, Camillah stood on her mark.

Focusing on the dark stranger, she struck a pose.

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Out January 17th

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  1. Great snippet! I love her outfit - and I love the premise for the anthology!

  2. Daaaaaaaamn. Time to go shopping.