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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Special Guest Mira Stanley @MiraStanleyAuth Taking Mary Beth [Sacred and Profane Antho] @SexyLittlePages

I'm thrilled to have one of my fellow Sacred & Profane Anthology authors on the blog today. Please welcome the fabulous Mira Stanley!

Good morning! Thanks for having me HK.
You might be wondering what all the whispering is about. I’ve got the inside info. It’s about women indulging in what makes them smile, squirm, and send come-hither looks to their lovers.
It’s about all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or comic-book-hero preference, embracing whatever it is that sparks their sexuality.
It’s about enjoying something that leaves you burning and eager for more yet oddly satisfied.
It’s about the sacred.
And the profane.


I teamed up with a bunch of awesome authors (ahem, HK included!) to celebrate all the things that titillate us in the way of the sacred and profane.
I’ve read the whole anthology, and it’s a truly excellent collection of short stories. This isn’t smut for smut’s sake. These are stories of love, retribution, and soul-cleansing confession. They are stories of faith and fantasy.

Here’s a short excerpt from my story in SACRED & PROFANE, Taking Mary Beth:

I lift the bag from her hands and say, “I’ve got one question for you, sweetheart. Did that man kill your mother?”
She looks at her prone father with her face void of emotion. When she looks back at me, her eyes grow shiny. She nods, and her mouth twists.
I know right then she’s never confessed it before. Her father’s threats have kept her quiet for fifteen years. Literally. Someday, maybe she’ll tell me about the life she’s lived in this house without her mother, but at the moment, all I care about is us putting that life in the rearview mirrors so we can start a new life together.
“Thank you for trusting me with that.” I mean that sincerely. Admitting her father’s sin took courage. I offer her my hand. “Ready to ride?”
Her eyes go round. I would bet my leathers she’s never been on a bike before. My Mary Beth is about to experience a lot of firsts. I plan to make each one magical, especially the one I have in store for her tonight.

What are you waiting for? If these themes light your fire, grab your copy of Sacred & Profane now! Start at Mira’s website and look for the link you like best.

Mira Stanley
Mira dreams of a life where hairy-chested, foul-mouthed pool men serve cocktails while she reads in the embrace of a shady hammock. Her reality looks more like errands, carpooling, sneaking in writing time when she can, and snuggling with her husband and kids after a regular-old day in the Pacific Northwest.

Sex is sacred. It’s also fun. That’s why Mira writes smut with feeling. In her perfect world, every woman who wants it would have access to entertaining, titillating, thought-provoking stories in an environment free of shame.

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