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Monday 30 January 2017

Week 126 #MasturbationMonday Who needs snippets - just go enjoy that video prompt!

OMFG, the video Kayla picked for this week's prompt is as mesmerizing as it is arousing. I don't even mind if you don't read the snippet I left below. Go over to Masturbation Monday Central and watch it. Then watch it again. 😜

A snip from m/m, erotic, gay-for-you story, Adrenaline Lust

An attending physician tutors his intern in more than just medicine...

One handed, Kin reached behind his head and gripped the collar of his shirt and pulled it off over his head. His abdominal muscles rippled as he tossed it aside. He left his jeans on but undone. 

On the prowl, Kin neared him, his gaze never leaving Blaine’s. “Are you sure about this?” 

In answer, Blaine kissed him for a change. He poured every tumultuous emotion he was wrestling with into it. 

Kin coaxed him backward onto the bed and followed him down, covering him. He pulled Blaine’s arms above his head. He wrapped his hands around Blaine’s wrists and held them, all the while their tongues duelled. Slowly but surely, he felt Kin inching back up. 

Kin tossed his knees over Blaine’s hips, straddling him. He placed his bare chest to Blaine’s naked abdomen, then slowly skimmed his hard body up Blaine’s. He ended the complete body roll by pressing his pelvis to Blaine’s then dragging his burgeoning erection against Blaine’s full-fledged hard-on. Blaine arched his back loving the feel of Kin’s large body on top of him. 

Kin eased to the side and began to caress him. He started at his pecs and worked his way downward until he finally reached the part of him vibrating for some much-needed attention. Then he took his time, exploring and teasing every inch, from the tip of his cock to the crack of his ass and everywhere in between. 

Kin rubbed Blaine’s balls, lightly squeezing them. Blaine’s attention-starved cock bobbed over his abdomen.

“Ya like that?” Kin mumbled. 

“Mmm.” Blaine hummed as Kin flexed his hand. When he cupped his sac, he smoothed his fingers over Blaine’s perineum. A surge of excitement shot not only through his dick but made his asshole clench. 


Sure, easy for him to say when he didn’t have another man poking and probing his back passage. But he couldn’t deny it felt good. 

Kin shuffled down the bed but thankfully still kept stroking Blaine’s body. 

Crooking an arm behind his head, Blaine cracked an eye open to find Kin staring at his junk. He licked his lips, and Blaine’s cock pulsed at the action. 

Kin bowed his head and licked the end of Blaine’s straining penis. Unable to help himself Blaine’s hips flexed. 

“Eager are we?” Kin asked before fluttering his tongue all around the throbbing head. 

“Uhhh, yeah, that’s good.” Blaine melted into the mattress and let Kin have his way. 

Kin deep-throated him. Rivulets of saliva poured down his shaft. 

“Holy fuck, man, for a guy who’s only sucked cock once before, you sure know exactly what to do,” Blaine said. His voice sounded laboured even to him. 

Kin came up for air. “I’m just doing what I would like.” 

Blaine tucked that bit of info away for later. 

With one steadying hand on his pulsing dick, Kin used the other molding Blaine’s balls. At first just soft touches, stroking and exploring. Then he spread the wetness from his mouth all over Blaine’s swollen testes. At the same time, he went down on him with utter abandon, swallowing his cock over and over. 

“God that feels good.” Blaine panted. 

He toyed with Blaine’s ass. His caresses became bolder, more invasive. Reflexively, he clenched, and Kin immediately moved away. 

Kin hummed. The vibration reverberated through his shaft all the way down to his sac. His hips twitched driving the length deeper into Kin’s throat. Blaine gripped the sheets and tightened every muscle he owned in an attempt to slow his racing need. Christ! How he wanted it to last. 

Without warning, Kin sucked hard, on an upward arc. Pleasure-pain like an electrical current shot up his shaft. Blaine’s hips came off the bed. Just as quickly, Kin released the suction, then shimmied down the bed until he was between Blaine’s legs. With soft strokes he teased Blaine’s balls with his tongue, laving and licking them, even taking a moment to give some attention to the perianal area, once again, coming close to Blaine’s butthole. 

A guttural groan escaped him. It wasn’t often he got that kind of thorough attention and never from a guy, but he was enjoying every fucking second of it. But it kinda made sense too. As Kin had said, he was only doing what he would enjoy. It took a man to please a man. 

Individually, he sucked one ball then the other into his hot mouth, alternating rolling his tongue and sucking. His technique soft yet rough at the same time. It kept Blaine on guard, never knowing what to expect, pleasure, pain or both. 

“Jesus, Kin what are you doing to me?” 

“Feel good?” he asked, looking up at him. His cock throbbed between them answering for him. 

“Feels sooo good.” 

“You ain’t felt nothin’ yet. Ya got lube?” 

He reached for the tube that conveniently sat by the bedside. Thanks to Kin, lately he’d been masturbating like a teenaged boy. Perhaps that was what was giving him some blessed longevity. 

The mattress dipped, and Blaine lost sight of Kin as he slipped right off the end of the bed and onto the floor. 

“Scooch that tight ass down here,” he said before Blaine heard him squeezing a liberal blob of lubricant into his hand. “Grab a pillow and tuck it under your hips.” 

Hesitantly, Blaine crab-walked to the end of the bed. Kin centred the pillow in the arch of his spine, tipping his pelvis. He then coated his stiff cock and ass with the slippery stuff. Once again Blaine sagged at the amazing attention. 

Firmly, Kin wrapped his hand around the base of Blaine’s dick and pumped gently, while fluttering his fingers over his virgin hole, tapping and circling. Every time Blaine stiffened in anticipation of the eventual invasion, Kin darted away. 

Keeping him blissfully confused, Kin changed it up, switching between a quick hand job then a little anal play. 

“Pull your knees back,” he said, his own voice choppy with arousal. 

As Blaine tucked his hands behind his knees and held his legs, Kin surreptitiously, eased his index finger inside his ass, knuckle deep, then stopped, allowing him a chance to get used to it. 

“Sneak,” Blaine said, without heat, relieved in a way.

“Ya thought you knew all about the male anatomy, didn’t you? Pay attention, intern, you’re about to get schooled.”

If you haven't already, hop on over the Masturbation Monday Central for this week's list of MM participants AND watch the video. And then watch it again! 😅

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