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Saturday 4 March 2017

#MySexySaturday The mob boss's daughter is sexy and strong... A Snip from Always Cambridge

Welcome to the 179th week of My Sexy Saturday

The rules:
Post 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of a WIP or published work

This Week's theme: Sexy and Strong

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Running the second book in the Always Cambridge Series. This snip has been edited slightly to fit the MSS Rules a bit better, but you'll get the gist. Miss Holly is strong in mind, body and spirit and it doesn't go unnoticed by Federal Agent, Alex.

“What have I done?” Her expression perplexed, she cocked her head to the side. “You think I’ve done something?” In a split second her features turned from weepy to resentment. “Like what? Stolen something? Used the Bureau to steal information? Ohhh!” She made a strangled sound and her nostrils flared. Tears coursed down her face unchecked now in her anger. “I thought we were over this!” She dumped the contents of her bag out onto my desk. Her laptop hit the desktop with a dull thud. She was mumbling away in exasperation, not making a whole lot of sense, until she turned to me.

“What? Not good enough. You want to frisk me too?” The unbidden thought popped into my head that I probably wouldn’t mind. She was really pissed. She tore off her sweatshirt, her hair flying everywhere as she tangled with it. She threw it to the floor. 

She wore a tight t-shirt beneath. She lifted it as well giving me a glimpse of the camisole under that. It was lacy and feminine. Like her. She patted, pulling it up exposing her pale smooth flesh. As she pulled up her shirts I could see the tape that she used to secure her phone. In her anger she ripped it from her delicate skin and I cringed at the angry red welt it left. She fired the phone onto the desk. Turning in a circle she patted down each leg of her jeans. She shook out her legs. “Are you satisfied or would you like to call a female agent?” 

I stood there stupidly staring at her. I was at a loss and that never happened to me. I knew how to handle every situation. I’d been wrong, and I felt like shit about it, but I couldn’t make myself think beyond her amazingly toned body and the glimpses of creamy flesh she'd  just flashed me. I swallowed hard. She was thin, but she was fit. She worked out. Hard. She didn’t work out to stay thin or to keep that nice little body. She worked her body like she worked her mind. To keep it sharp and ready for any possibility. She looked incredible standing there, her chest heaving in her fury, her hair all mussed with static. I wanted to reach out and smooth it. But I knew she wouldn’t welcome that. More like, she’d rather take another round out of me. But I realized, I was up for that too. 

My main concern for now was getting my mind off her body...

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