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Monday 20 March 2017

Week 133 #MasturbationMonday Teasing the hot repairman...

Welcome to Week 133 of Masturbation Monday

This week a snip from Hard and Fast

Eventually, Joss stretched out beside him. Billy gathered her close. His blue eyes were luminescent, filled with satisfaction. But Joss’ body still thrummed for some fulfilment of her own. 

He rolled her onto her back and hovered over her, kissed her lips briefly then moved to take a taut nipple into his mouth, right through her shirt, but that didn’t last long either.  

“I think it’s your turn.” 

Before she could ask, he undid the button on her shorts and tugged down the zipper. She lifted her hips and he removed the garment. He then pushed her legs open and sat between them. His strong jaw tightened again as he stared at her cunt. 

“Rub it, Joss. Let me watch.” 

Unable to believe she was about to do this, Joss slid her hand down her body with deliberate slowness. Although she needed some release too, more so, she wanted to see Billy’s reaction. To drive him mad with desire for her. The way he watched her and the tension that built in him, it showed in his face and his body, making her feel so powerful. Like everything she did turned him on.

Joss palmed her mound—her fingers folded naturally around her pussy lips. Billy gripped her ankles. Joss dipped her middle finger into her wet heat, and although it felt good she feigned a gasp, just to gauge his response. 

His Adam’s apple bobbed and he gritted his teeth. Furthermore, to her delight, his cock was already stirring, showing signs of getting back in the game. 

Joss moved to her clit, giving it a light tap. It sent jolts of sensation shooting through her midsection. She bent her knees, providing him an even better view. Billy’s lips parted while he watched raptly.  

Joss began to circle her clit with the speed and pressure that she liked. Billy caressed her legs, much like she’d done to him. His touch was tender yet firm. But when he passed her knee and started to skim his fingers on the inside of her thighs, heat coursed through her. She eased up in an attempt to prolong it.  

Billy stroked his thumbs firmly through the creases of her thighs. The contact made her legs quiver.  

“Ya like that,” he breathed. 

Still using his thumbs, he pulled ever so gently on her outer lips, stretching her skin, completely exposing her clit to her rotating digit. The feeling was raw and intense. 

All artifice forgotten, Joss voiced her pleasure. 

“Oh yeah,” Billy joined in, his own eagerness spiking again.  

Billy tucked his middle finger just an inch or so into her pussy, then dragged it toward her backside. 

It sent Joss into a deep, convulsing climax.

Hope you enjoyed the extract from Hard and Fast. Hop on over to Masturbation Monday Central for the list of this week's M-M participants

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