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Saturday 11 March 2017

#MySexySaturday Sexy Warrior...

Welcome to the 180th Week of My Sexy Saturday

This Week's Theme: My Sexy Warrior

A snip from historical romance, The Devil Take You
(which I am slowly re-editing before I shop for a new home for it) 😕

"Come, I will teach you to wield that dirk.”

“’Tis fairly straight forward is it no’?” she asked.

“Nay. It is not. An attacker will be stronger, faster, more savage than you. His determination will be more than yours. You will have to be more cunning to make up for the lack of strength.” He moved toward her.

“You will wield to kill, Braelynn.” Her eyes widened at his words. “You cannot simply wound a man, you must aim for the kill. An injured man is like a wounded animal. First he will be angry that you wounded him. Then he will seek his revenge and he will punish you and probably turn the weapon upon you, after he is done with you. You cannot give him the chance.”

Gard handed her a wooden rule from his desk to act as a dirk. “Now, if he should come for you head on, most like his arms will come from above or mid-level. You must go underneath and aim upward.” He raised his muscular arms and came at her.

She did as instructed and ducked under him aiming the makeshift blade toward his ribs.

“Excellent. The ribs, the stomach are good places. The heart will be instantaneous, the throat as well. Aim here.” When he placed his thumb to her jugular, her gaze met his as he touched her lightly belying his ferocious nature. He slowly scanned her face halting to focus on his own hand at her throat. He stroked his fingers lightly over her neck, sweeping over her breastbone before surprising her with an unprovoked attack. He had her flat on her back before she knew it, smothering her with his weight, out muscling her with his strength. Taking the wooden blade from her with ease, he flung it away from her.

“Now what will you do, Braelynn?” He continued to overpower her raising her heavy skirt. She fought and kicked as she had in the lean-to. “Come, you must stop me. My will is stronger. I will get what I want and take it because you are not strong enough to fight me. My will to get inside you is stronger than your instinct for survival.” Deliberately, he tried to provoke her so that she might turn her anger into something useful. She made all the same mistakes again, ending in the exact same position with him—her skirt up around her waist and Gard with his granite-like hips thrust between her thighs.

“Will you let me do it to you again?”

She went completely still. 

Have a Sexy Saturday!


  1. Talk about being hot for teacher...!
    Nice snippet. :)

  2. No, no, no, don't stop there...please keep this snippet going :)

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