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Sunday 15 November 2015

#WeWriWa The Lustful Possession Series - Teaser 2 - #PNR #erotic

Last week I shared a snip from the second book in the Lustful Possession series, Dark Foursome. Arnie and Neve scramble to unlock the secret that might save their colleague Josh from big bad, Bás, the castle's resident evil. Here's what happens next...

"So have you been able to figure out how to thwart it?"

"No, but we do have more pressing problem gents. Because I can't leave Josh, I'm getting weaker and let's face it, boys, Josh is going insane. A human body can't survive two souls for any length of time. It just can't handle it. And that's what that thing is waiting for. For me to get too weak. I don't think we have much more time."

Travel through time in this paranormal erotic romance mini series where key players must unravel the mystery of O’Cairnnon Castle in order to save the lives of two innocents caught in a demon’s whirl of manipulation. 7 stories…

7 main players…

1 mysterious and legendary haunted place, Cairnnon Castle, home to one of the most evil entities ever documented, Bás a thagann, loosely translated—death comes…and its history will mesmerize and beckon you to step through its doors….

Dare ta enter?

.99¢ Pre-Order Special
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Hope you enjoyed the snip. Hop on over to Weekend Writing Warriors Central for this week's list of www participants.  


  1. Grabs the attention right from the git go. Nice!

  2. Sounds ominous! I actually wrote something a little similar to your idea, so I know that two souls in one body is never a good thing. Wonder what will happen next!

  3. Wow, I love the concept and the snippet is intense and intriguing!