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Wednesday 16 December 2015

It's MISTLE TOW Release Day! #holiday #eroticrom #contemporary @evernightpub

I'm so excited to share my first holiday story!

I've always wanted to pen a Christmas story but I thought when I did, it would be a traditional sentimental kind of tale. Because although, I try my best to just 'get through' the holidays, I'm a sucker for a heartwarming book or movie.

But when inspiration finally struck, this story was the farthest thing from the traditional tale I'd expected to write. I guess it's technically only a holiday story because it takes place over the Christmas season. There's no tree trimming or carol singing, nor is there a feast with presents afterward. No discarded paper, no twinkling lights. This story is more about avoiding the holidays. Haven't we all had a year where we'd just rather not take part? Wake me when it's over! Or keep those spiced rum and egg nogs coming! 

That's Brant Holley this year. He just wants to move on. 


The last thing Brantley Holley wants to do this year is spend the holidays at home with his family.

In an attempt to move on from his failed marriage, Brant places the marital home on the market and also decides to clean house, ridding himself of any and all reminders. Although it wrecks him to do so, that includes selling his beloved ’66 Chevelle, which may also have contributed to the demise of his marriage.  

Brant puts his baby up on the auction block at one of the premier auction houses— the auction to be held over the holidays. But instead of racking up needless extra miles on her, which might be a detriment to potential buyers, he hires a flatbed tow truck to convey his precious cargo from Philadelphia to Arizona.

But when the rollback shows up, Brant is totally unprepared for the sexy blonde bombshell in the red Santa hat who steps out of the massive red tow truck.

All of a sudden, the holidays are looking a whole lot more festive.

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Mistle Tow is on sale at Evernight for the next two weeks

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