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Sunday 20 December 2015

#WeWriWa Mistle Tow - #8Sunday Teaser 2 #holidayread

This Sunday, I'm sharing another snippet from newly released Mistle Tow. When we left Brant last week, he'd just hopped behind the wheel of his beloved '66 Chevelle...

 Brant pressed the accelerator and gave it a couple of quick shots of the gas pedal, enjoying the sound of the guttural revs. “Man you sound pretty, baby. I’m sure gonna miss this.” Covetously, he ran his fingertips over the black dash pad, polished to the nines. 

On the spur of the moment, he hit the remote tucked in the visor above his head. Automatically the garage door began to rise. He popped the car in gear and slowly drove outside. Normally he wouldn’t even consider driving his car at this time of the year. Since his Chelle had come under his tender care, she'd never been winter driven.  

Brant eased out onto the road, dumped the clutch and squealed the tires the entire length of the quiet neighbourhood street.


The last thing Brantley Holley wants to do this year, is spend the holidays at home with his family.

In an attempt to move on from his failed marriage, Brant places the marital home on the market and also decides to clean house, ridding himself of any and all reminders. Although it wrecks him to do so, that includes selling his beloved ’66 Chevelle, which may also have contributed to the demise of his marriage.

Brant puts his baby up on the auction block at one of the premier auction houses— the auction to be held over the holidays. But instead of racking up needless extra miles on her, which might be a detriment to potential buyers, he hires a flatbed tow truck to convey his precious cargo from Philadelphia to Arizona.

But when the rollback shows up, Brant is totally unprepared for the sexy blonde bombshell in the red Santa hat, who steps out of the massive red tow truck.

All of a sudden the holidays are looking a whole lot more festive.

Hope you enjoyed the tease from Mistle Tow. Hop on over to WWW central for this week's list of Weekend Writing Warriors participants



  1. Great snippet. I wonder what inspired him to take the car out at a time of year he normally wouldn't.

  2. Yep. Some guys are seriously into their cars. Good job showing that!

    Have a happy Christmas!

  3. This story might be a romance between a man and his car.