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Monday 18 January 2016

#MasturbationMonday Week 72 - Reap the Rewards #mm #erotic

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

Okay so I was still writing my MM entry at 3:00a.m., so please forgive any bleary-eyed errors...

Impatiently, he planted his hands against my shoulders and shoved me forcefully down on the bed. I crabbed towards the headboard expecting him to follow, but he didn't. 

The next thing I knew he was beside the bed, his delightfully burgeoning erection bobbing near my waiting lips. My mouth watered in anticipation. My own dick jerked and lengthened.  

He lightly slapped my cheek before grabbing my chin, his thumb and fingers digging into my skin.

"You want it, don't you?" With his other hand he grasped his dick and then tapped the tip all around my mouth, teasing me. 

Eagerly, I opened my lips but he continued to torture me by keeping me from tasting him. 

He ran his length over my lips, see-sawing back and forth. I opened my mouth and let my tongue drag over his rigid flesh again and again.  

Masturbation Monday Week 72Finally, he fisted the head and forced the tip against my lips, painting them with pre-cum. I flicked with my tongue lapping it up.

His breath whistled through his clenched teeth. Though he was attempting to go slow, I could sense the growing tension in him. It was tension I shared.

"Gimme it," I demanded opening my jaws wider and this time he didn't disappoint but plunged forward filling my mouth with his hot throbbing cock. In his clumsy haste he jabbed my cheek, making it bulge out.

Chuckling, I turned my head to the side to better accept him. He began to  withdraw slowly. 

Hurriedly, I closed my mouth firmly shaping my lips around his thick shaft.

"Oh fuck, yeah," he moaned, sliding back in. He upped the tempo, in and out.

I fisted my own aching dick mimicking the rapid rhythm he'd now set.

I hollowed my cheeks and drew back, hard. With an open hand, he gave my face another light tap. "Uhhh! That fuckin' hurts so good," he panted, his voice low and raspy. "More, just like that."

Mustering all the suction I could, I continued to suck him off, but at the awkward angle, I couldn't take nearly enough of him. Not like I wanted. Not what he needed.

As if he had the same thought, all of a sudden he pulled out, then placed one knee on the bed. Then the other. He straddled my chest. His gaze was unfocused as he aimed for my open mouth. Roughly he thrust inside, tripping my gag reflex. I gripped his hips forcing him to ease up and I attempted to relax my throat muscles anticipating another quick plunge. 

He gripped either side of my head and all but petted, as if in apology. "Christ, I wanna go deep." I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his head slightly tipped back, but it was the pleasurable pain that I saw in his expression that spurred me finish it for him. 

I reached behind him and cupped his fine firm ass, ready to take him head on, as deep as I possibly could. He pressed forward, testing me and when he bumped the back of my throat, I pulled him in that much deeper. 

The guttural noises he made inflamed me even more. 

Now he barely withdrew, instead bucking in short sharp stabbing motions, almost forcing the entire crown for me to swallow. But just as we synced up once again, he shifted, this time surprising me. He turned around, still straddling my chest, he now faced the opposite direction. 

My body surged. Christ we were both going to reap the rewards. Quickly, I scrunched down the bed, as he repositioned himself over my face. I licked at his balls and was pleased when he called out once more. But it was short lived when I felt his hot breath on my straining cock. A trill of anticipation skittered over my prickling skin. He lowered his head and took my shaft into his hot mouth. My own hips bucked and I was hungry to get him back in my mouth.

Poised above me, he went down on me as I swallowed him once more. I reached up and smoothed my hands over his ass, finally toying with his hole. From above I felt his balls tighten right before he erupted in hot streams of come, filling my throat. 

For a moment, he seemed to lose his train of thought, unable to climax and please me at the same time. But he more than made up for it when he could, using his strong hands and talented mouth, he soon brought me to a satisfying, gut-wrenching orgasm of my own

Man I'm sleepy. So I'll say good night and Happy M-Monday. Hop on over the Kayla's for this week's master list of Masturbation Monday participants.

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