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Monday 25 January 2016

Week 73 #MasturbationMonday The Contest #mfm #erotic Who can hold out the longest?

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

Okay this is another quickie inspired by Kayla's intriguing prompt. Hope you like and remember, it's unedited. 

Three friends sit around on a boring Saturday evening kicking around ideas of what to do for the night.

"How about we go down to the pub, later," Shawn suggested, as he set an empty beer can on the coffee table.

"Naw, I can't afford it," Grant replied. He ran his hand down the length of his thigh and shifted in his chair, capturing my attention. "Hence the six pack in the fridge, it was all I could manage."

"Cards? Poker?" I suggested.

"Unless we play for peanuts, Meg, I got nuthin'." Grant threw a peanut at me. It hit me in the boob and bounced off. Like a twelve-year-old he chuckled. I found the little nut where it landed on he sofa and I whipped it back at him.

"Hey, Shawn we could toss peanuts down Meg's cleavage." Grant aimed for the vee of my t-shirt under my zip-up hoodie.

"Huh, huh." I rolled my eyes at his suggestion, as I pulled the zipper higher, cutting off his target.

"Hmmm, sounds intriguing." I looked over at Shawn. He grinned and raised his brows rapidly.

Shawn got up from the arm chair and headed for the kitchen. "Anyone want another?" he called.

I found my gaze straying to his ass. He was looking fine in those jeans tonight.

"Me!" I said, draining the lemonade cooler I'd been sipping.

"I'd better pace myself or I'm going to run out before we hit ten o'clock," Grant complained.

"Don't worry, I've got lots." Shawn re-entered the room and handed Grant one of his beers.

"Thanks, man." Grant took the can and saluted him.

Shawn twisted off the cap from the bottle he'd brought for me and set it down next to the empty one in front of me.

"Thank you, sir."

"No problem."

He tossed himself back into the armchair and eyed me closely before he took another sip. There was something warm in that look or maybe I was just heating up from the alcohol.

I unzipped my sweater and struggled out of it, tossing it aside. When I settled back down, I noticed both men's eyes on me. Self-conscious, I looked down to make sure my top was in place. My nipples strained against my camisole, but I was all tucked in. I grabbed my drink and took a good swig. "So what are we gonna do, boys?"

The two exchanged a look.

Grant sighed loudly. Shawn blew out a breath and shifted in the chair.

"That peanut idea is lookin' real good right about now," Shawn said. I glanced back over at him, as his gaze roved over my chest.

"I've got it," Grant interjected. "Masturbation contest."

I almost choked on my drink. Wide-eyed, I stared at him.
I'd messed around with both guys before, at separate times, but nothing serious. We were friends; buddies who hung out because we enjoyed each others company and that was all. 
"We've done that," Shawn scoffed.

They had? What the fuck? My boys were not only keeping secrets; they were closer than I'd thought.

"And I won," Shawn added.

"Like fuck!" Grant argued.

"Wait, wait, wait." I held up a hand as an image of the two of them locked in some kind of dual jack-off session flitted through my foggy mind. Like, did they do for each other? I imagined them facing one another, pants down, Grant with Shawn's large cock in his hand, while Shawn fisted Grant's rigid dick. Oh, fuck, that was hot! Or were they in charge of their own pleasure. I had to know.  "You all had a masturbation contest?" And where the fuck was I when this was going on? I wondered. "How does that work?"

"We wacked off," Grant shrugged.

"While watching porn," Shawn added.

Stated so matter-of-factly, it didn't sound as hot as my imagination created.

"And how do you decide a winner?" I asked, slowly.

"Whoever comes first, is the loser," Grant said.

"Whoever can hold out the longest is the winner," Shawn corrected.

"Awww. I see." Now I was intrigued.


Grant watched me, expectantly.

"Oh wait, you want me to participate?" I looked over at Shawn who was now sitting forward, also watching me intensely. "I thought you wanted me to chose a winner."

"Nope. I think we should all participate." Grant stood, and slowly pulled down the fly on his jeans. Stupidly, I watched with my mouth hanging open. There as already a nice bulge in his boxers. A ripple of excitement shot through me as I warmed to the idea.

Shawn stood up and also undid his pants, his cock pulsed, lengthening nicely. Each man then settled on the couch beside me, sandwiching me in, their dicks in their hands.

"Come on, Meg, shove your hand down there and let's go," Grant said.

"What, no p-porn?" I stuttered, stalling.

"We won't need porn," Shawn said. "We have you."

Stunned, I slowly, uncurled my legs from underneath me and as directed, slid my hand into my panties. I found my pussy already moist. Oh boy! We were really going to do this. Now this was a contest I just might win, if I used my feminine wiles just right. Guys were visual, I could use what I had to drive them wild. A touch here, a moan there.

I dragged a finger through my folds, opening up, while the guys stroked their dicks, slowly, at first. I didn't know where to look. I wanted to watch them both at the same time. So out of my peripheral, I tried to keep an eye on both men. Just watching them slide their hands over their cocks ratcheted-up my arousal, I didn't need to stimulate myself. In fact, what I wanted to do was take each man's cock in my own hands and do it for them. Take their hot hard flesh in my hands and work them until they were both begging for me to end it for them. My thoughts weren't helping. I backed off, slowing my own touch, knowing my body and the areas to avoid, if I wanted to win this contest.

Shawn shifted beside me and released a slight deep sound that rattled through his chest. Not quite a moan but an exhalation of air that also had a physical affect on me.

"This isn't working for me," Grant said and stood. "Let's take this into the bedroom."

I froze. But only for a moment. Yes! Great idea! 

Shawn stood up as if he was all for it, so I followed both men into the bedroom.

"You take the bed Meg," Shawn said.

I found myself radiating with anticipation. To tip the hand in my favor, I slid out of my sweat pants, but left my panties on, before getting on the bed. I settled on my back and looked up at my boys. Grant was on one side of the bed, Shawn on the other, both looked down at me, their gazes on the apex of my thighs.

Masturbation Monday Week 73 

"You know this isn't really fair," Grant said.

Shawn grunted in response.

"She's got those," his gaze traveled over my breasts, then downward, "And that." When his focus settled on my mound, it felt like a physical touch.

As I'd thought, I could use what I had to drive them both to the brink.

I took both my hands and cupped my breasts. Both men exhaled in approval and began to rub their cocks once again. I kept one hand toying with one stiff nipple through my camisole, as I slowly slid my other hand down my core and into my panties.

Again, Shawn expelled a breath along with a slight low sound, that went right through me.

"Pick up the pace, Grant," Shawn said eyeing he other man. "You're not playing fair."

"Fuck you, maybe this is the tempo that works for me."

Shawn was right, Grant definitely wasn't working as hard as Shawn had been.

"Like fuck. You jerked a lot harder and faster than that the last time."

"She's not keeping up either," Grant argued.

Without actually touching my clit, I made my hand rotate faster underneath the cover of my panties, making it seem like I was really going to town. I squirmed and let out a moan that I hoped would drive one or both men to a higher level of arousal.

I made the mistake of closing my eyes. It was then that I noted how hard both men were breathing and the soft sound of them working their their thick distended flesh.

My pussy was downright slippery now. I'd have to be careful or I'd be the loser. "Uhhh," I sighed and upped the ante one more time, by pulling up my shirt and exposing my breast. With exaggerated gestures, I plucked at my stiff nipple. It hardened to a prickling point, sending a zing of sensation straight to my pussy. Oh, shit, so much for my conniving. It felt so good.

"Yeah," Shawn breathed. I looked over at him. His eyes were mere slits as he watched me round my hard nipple. His fist worked almost jerkily as he tugged at his engorged cock. My mouth watered. I wanted to bail on the contest and kneel before him. Take is cock in mouth and end his suffering for him.

God, I didn't know what to do. It was all sensory overload. The tension and excitement in the air. The different smells co-mingling, of not only my own arousal, but their unique masculine scents, permeating the room as we heated up.

Before I knew it, I was rounding my clit to the rhythm of Shawn's jerking.

"Fuck!" Grant cursed, snagging my attention. The pain on his face thrilled me. His jaw ticked and a light sheen of sweat beaded his forehead as he too pulled his dick unmercifully.

Fuck this, I was going to end it. I pushed at my panties, exposing my mound.

"Oh, God!" Shawn groaned. "Bare pussy."

Using my fingers, I held open my outer labia, exposing my throbbing clit before I tapped it.

Shawn shouted, aimed his cock at my abdomen and shot a strong stream of come at me, seconds before Grant unloaded from the other side.

I let my hand fall to the side. My body was burning for release. But I'd won the fucking contest.

I looked up at Grant who stood there with a stupid cocky grin on his face, because I assumed in his mind, Shawn was still the ultimate loser.

Grant looked over at Shawn and the two men exchanged a glance, then a nod.

To my shock, both men descended on me, Shawn at my breast, while Grant dove between my thighs. Even before they touched me I could feel my climax building. I didn't want to come that fast. I wanted to enjoy my boys pleasuring me. But it was going to be fast. It was inevitable

"Oh, God!" I cried, as simultaneously, Shawn bowed his head and took my tingling nipple into this hot mouth, as Grant gripped my legs, forced them open and licked my trembling pussy. He dipped his thick meaty tongue however briefly inside me, my pussy grabbed, trying to keep him there, but he continued to my pulsing clit. As if they'd choreographed it, their talented tongues worked in tandem and I exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm.

I curled a hand around each man's head as I calmed. "Wow. That was win win for me."

Shawn grinned and laid his head against my bare breast.

Grant pulled himself up and tucked up to my side as well. He stroked a hand over my stomach and I trembled in latent arousal.

Again, he grinned arrogantly. "So next Saturday, new contest," he began.

Shawn raised his head.

"We see who can hold out the longest, while buried inside her."

Excitement shot through me again.

"Dibs on her mouth," Shawn said.

"Perfect. I can't wait to get back to that sweet hot pussy." Grant curled a hand around me, possessively.

Both men turned to me as if waiting for my approval. "What?" I said. "Do we have to wait until next Saturday?"

They jumped into action.

©️ H K Carlton

Hope you enjoyed the snip, thanks to Kayla's awesome prompt. Hop on over to Masturbation Monday central for this week's master list of M-M participants.
 Happy M-Monday!


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