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Sunday 21 February 2016

#WeWriWa Lost Time - Teaser 8 #8Sunday #timetravel

Weekend Writing Warriors

Here's another 10 from one of my old favourites, Lost Time, an erotic time-travel romance. (published January 2013) Skipping ahead a bit, Hannah is on a bus on the second leg of her UK holiday, headed for Wales. Her dream vacation is slowly turning into a nightmare...

“Where were you headed?” 

“The girl back in London said Llandeilo, but much more throaty-sounding than that. She said that I could get a ticket there and transfer to another bus to Swansea.” 

“You are in Llandeilo.” He laughed indulgently at the butchered pronunciation. “You should be able to get a ticket inside to continue on to Swansea." He grabbed one of her bags. "Are you American?” 

“No, Canadian,” she answered, turning the little maple leaf pin she had fastened on her windbreaker towards him. She had the same little red symbol tattooed on the inside of her left wrist and a tiny blue one on her right, in homage to her favourite hockey team—the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

 Let the Leaf shaming begin. LOL!

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  1. They're not my favorite team (I'm a Red Wings girl,) but I always enjoy watching the Leafs. Nice snippet!

  2. She's true to the team she follows. I hope she gets to Swansea okay without being asked too often if she is American.

  3. I like the tattoo detail but apparently as an American I'm not getting the full symbolic value...enjoyed the excerpt though!

  4. Ah, I understand the fundamental cause of her problem now. She roots for the hapless Maple Leafs (says a fan of the equally hapless Canucks.)

  5. This trip is turning into quite a trek through Wales. Hope she gets to Swansea safely.