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Monday 1 February 2016

Week 74 #MasturbationMonday Damn Near Perfect #erotic #flashfic

The rules are simple
Write a steamy hot post about masturbation or share a snippet so hot, it’ll make our readers want to masturbate.

I wasn't sure that I would have time to write for this weeks meme, but the image prompt was just too good not to participate. He's just so beautiful, he's been on my mind all weekend. So here we go...

"How's that new boarder working out?" Rachel asked.

"Good. Thankfully." Up to my elbows in sudsy water, I did dishes while she was on speaker phone.

"What's his name again?"

"Robb. With two Bs."

"Right, right."

"We've got some serious flirt going on between us too."

"Ohh, really? Do tell. Is he hot? Do-able?"

"Definitely do-able. He's very good-looking. Classic tall, dark and handsome. Though he's not around all that much. He works and goes to school."

"Mmm, bonus."

"But he's quickly picking up on the other boarder's bad habits. It's my day off and I'm up to my eyeballs in dishes. The kitchen looks like a cyclone hit it. Typical men, they just cook and leave a big mess. Just who do they think cleans it up? And don't even get me started on the state of the bathrooms around here. Plus I have my own laundry to catch up on from my week away. I swear they think I'm their slave and not the landlady."

"Are you regretting taking on boarders?"

"Tim left me no choice. I had to pay the mortgage somehow. I wasn't about to lose the house because he suddenly got cold feet."

"What an ass-hat. I'm sorry he turned out to be such a dud. I thought he was a keeper."

I'd thought so too. 

"Do you miss him?" she asked. 

"Not really. It's like he never left. I still feel like I'm cleaning up after him." I pulled off my dish-gloves with a snap and tossed them on the counter. "My kingdom for the perfect man." I sighed.

"And what's your perfect man?" I could hear the smile in her voice.

"The perfect man does not exist but the first guy who walks through that door, does dishes, laundry and can cook, I'll do right in the middle of this dining room table."

"Oh no, don't say it, not on Grandma's prize antique table."

Absentmindedly, I ran my fingers across the shiny dark wood. "The very one. Can you find me a guy like that, Rach?"

"Fuck that, if I could find one of those I'd keep him for myself." She laughed. "Wanna take a break?"

"Sure. What do you have in mind?"

"Meet me at the coffee shop. I'm buyin'."

"Sweet. I'll be there in about half and hour."

* * * *

After coffee and some impromptu shoe shopping, I hit the grocery store then headed back home. 

Before I reached the door, I inhaled the most incredible aroma. Tangy tomato and just the right balance of spices.

"Ahhh, Mrs. Romano must be making a batch of marinara again." Disappointed, I cast a look into my grocery bags. "Shoulda bought fixings for spaghetti," I mumbled as I opened the front door. I soon learned the delicious smell was coming from inside. My mouth watered. 

I followed my nose to the kitchen. A pot simmered on the stove.

I set the bags on the counter and gaped at how clean and tidy it was. The dishes had been, not only washed but put away. Everything was sparkling clean. "What is going on?"

Surprised but feeling lighter than I had in weeks, I wandered through to the living area. It too was pristine. I dragged a finger over a side-table. It had been freshly dusted. Pillows on the couch were fluffed. The rug had been recently vacuumed.

All of a sudden I heard heavy footsteps tromping up the basement stairs.

I continued through the living room and into the adjoining dining area. 

I froze. Robb, my newest boarder stood near the dining room table, with his back to me. He was shirtless. His missing tee, hung from the back pocket of his low riding jeans. 

I must have made a sound. He turned and looked at me. His hair was all tousled and sexy. A days growth of stubble shadowed his cheeks and chin. "Hey." He grinned. He pulled his shirt from his pocket and slung it over one broad bare shoulder.

"Hey, yourself." I returned his grin. "Did you do all this?"

"Do all what?" He feigned innocence.

"The dishes?"

"Yep. That was me." He leaned back resting his hips on the edge of the table. His stomach muscles rippled snagging my attention for a moment. I tore my gaze away in an attempt to focus on his handsome face. Unable to stop myself, I neared him, slowly. 

"There's a load of laundry in the dryer and a second in the washer," he said.

Surprised but pleased I nodded. 

"Hope you don't mind. I may have co-mingled our delicates."

I chuckled at his adorable cheekiness.

"Not at all. Thank you." I paused a couple of feet from him.

"No problem." He snagged the t-shirt from his shoulder and wiped slowly over his chest. "Supper will be ready in about an hour? Can I interest you in joining me? Do you like spaghetti? I make a mean red sauce." He winked. "But my cream sauce is even better."

"I'll bet," I replied, as he took the shirt, bunched it up like a rag and started circling the tabletop with it, like he was polishing the finish. 

"Now what can we do for an hour, while that sauce simmers? Let me see. Dishes are done." He pushed off of the table and stood to his full height, all the while staring intently into my eyes, but with the most mischievous stare. "Laundry is all but taken care of. And..." he paused only inches from me. I had to look up at him. "...supper is on the go." His mouth quirked. "Care to take the table for a spin?" 

For a moment, I was baffled. I thought I must be missing the joke, when all of a sudden my conversation with Rachel came rushing back. And she'd been on speaker. He must have overheard our conversation. My cheeks flamed.

"Isn't that what you said. The first man who walks through the door, does dishes, laundry and makes supper, you'd do right here on this dining room table?"

A nervous giggle bubbled up the back of my throat. This couldn't be happening. 

"Now, are you a woman of your word?" Yup, that's what I'd said.

Gently, he pulled me forward. Our bodies touched. His erection pressed against my abdomen. Anticipation made my skin prickle. But no, this was crazy.

I stared into his bare chest. "You think a few chores rate a good tumble?"

"Only one way to find out," he drawled. 

All of a sudden I felt his big warm hands at my hips. He applied mild pressure then swept his palms under my t-shirt, skimming up my sides. My shirt rose uncovering my midsection. Just when I thought he might cup my breasts, he detoured around to my back and massaged up to my shoulders.

"I'm sorry I've left everything for you to clean up. I've been busy with school and work," he explained. "When I come in, after a long day, I just cook something to eat and leave the dishes, so I can study or get some much needed sleep. I fully intended to clean up when I had a day off. I didn't mean for you to feel like you needed to do it for me. I should have left you a note, that I'd get to it eventually."

He worked his hands slowly down my back. "That's okay," I said. My breath buffeted off his chest and back at me. His warm skin was right there. My lips tingled. Would it be so wrong? I skimmed my closed mouth over the hard swell of his upper pec and inhaled his scent.

"I've been trying to figure out a way to get to know you," he said. "I just didn't know how to start." Seduction was always a good ice breaker. "And time again. I never seem to have enough."

He had magic hands. He'd reached my lower back just above my backside. Using circular soft strokes he manipulated my flesh with his fingertips.

"Mmm that feels so good." Just as I said it, he applied the tiniest bit of pressure in those two little dimples just above my ass, on either side of my tailbone. A hot wet rush flooded my lower body. My head rolled back and I couldn't suppress the moan of pleasure that escaped my throat. "Oh God!" I almost climaxed, right then and there. What the fuck?

"Yeah, that's the spot," he murmured, against my jaw.

"Where on earth did you learn that?" I gripped his biceps, just trying remain on my feet.

He reared back so he could look at me but thankfully, he kept up that delectable swirling motion on my lower back. There was that adorable grin back. "Chiropractic student," he explained simply, right before he hit that spot once again. I shuddered uncontrollably as another rush of sensation traveled over my frazzled nerve endings. My pussy suddenly felt heavy and swollen. Like we'd already been on a marathon foreplay session. 

He let up and continued to use his fingertips in that same rounding pattern. "Undo your jeans. Give me more room to work."

More room to work? I was practically a puddle at his feet now. But I obeyed, unfastening my jeans with all haste. Boldly, I also undid his too. 

"Uh, yeah," he breathed, as I set his thick cock free from the confines of the denim. He wasn't wearing boxers. I palmed his hot hard flesh. But only for a minute before he elbowed me away.

Robb pushed my pants over my hips and continued to expertly manipulate my flesh. He cupped my bare ass but used his thumbs in those ultra sensitive divots at the base of my spine. 

"Oh God!" I trembled again. This time he pulled me against him. He curled his hips under bringing them in contact with my lower body. I bucked against him.

"Oh, yes. Yes." I wanted him bad. I was on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm and I wanted him inside me when it hit. "Jeans off." I demanded pushing at his waistband. Clumsily, we worked him out of his pants.

Oh fuck! "Condom?" I asked, somehow thinking clearly through the fog of need. 

"In my wallet. Back pocket." 

I grabbed his trousers and took out his wallet then handed it to him. While he found it and rolled the rubber on, I wiggled out of my jeans.

We faced each other, breathing hard.

I placed my hand in the middle of his chest and gave him a slight push. He raised his hips and backed onto the table. I took a split second and admired his lovely naked body as he shifted and balanced, right there on my grandma's antique dining room table. All hard planes of rippling muscle and that smooth throbbing erection just begging to be touched, sucked and... He reached for me and I jumped to action.

Masturbation Monday Week 74
Probably not pretty, but eagerly, I kneed my way up onto the flat surface with him. He held his cock up as I straddled him and centered over him. 

The second my hot wet pussy touched the tip of his dick, we both groaned. Slowly, I sank down his length. 

To my surprise he sat up so we were chest to chest. Once more he rubbed down my back. By now I knew what he was up to and I couldn't wait for him to do his magic. He applied just the right pressure to my lower back. Delicious erratic pulses consumed my inner walls, and with him fully sheathed in my greedy pussy, I exploded in a gut-wrenching, mind-blowing orgasm. I gyrated against him.

He tipped his head back. His mouth was open and he panted. "Ahhh, fuck, yeah!" He jerked and shuddered, his hips juddered as he joined me. 

Robb gathered me in. I placed my head on his chest, as we caught our breath and I listened to his heart rate ease as we calmed. "That was incredible," I said. "Are you at the top of your class?" I asked, looking up at him.

The corner of this mouth drew up. "Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Lucky guess."

"You think my back rubs are good, you just wait until I give you a good foot massage."

"Oh?" I laughed.

"Mmm hmm." He reached around behind him where my legs were still curled around the back of him. He grabbed one foot and slid his thumb over my tender arch towards the heel of my foot. "There's a spot on the foot and if I manipulate it just right, I could give you an instant orgasm."

Dubiously, I stared at him. 

He pressed into my arch while still doing that amazing gesticulation with his thumb and my pussy actually contracted around his flaccid cock. 

I gasped and he chuckled. "It's all reflexology, honey."

Dishes, laundry, he could cook and give massages and foot rubs. And he could fuck. Now that sounded pretty damn near perfect to me. 

Hope you enjoyed the snip as much as I enjoyed Kayla's image prompt. Ooo-wee! Hop on over Masturbation Monday central for this week's master list of M-Monday participants.
Happy M-Monday!


  1. Holy hell, I am SO glad you found the time for this one. I'm squirming all over the place over here!

    1. Thanks, Kayla, as usual you give me all the inspiration.

  2. Ahhh a multi-tasking man, they are the best ones


    1. Indeed they are. Thanks for stopping, Molly.