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Monday 25 July 2016

Week 99 #MasturbationMonday Aim to Please #erotic

I may have shared this snip before but it goes with the meme Kayla provided this week. I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy this naughty cyber snip from, Memories of Us.

“Okay. I’ll talk to you tomorrow?” 

She nodded and reached to disconnect the feed.
“Flash me,” I said before she cut us off. 

She hesitated then the classic Karis grin spread across her amazing features. 

She stuck her fingers in her shirt and made a great show of unveiling skin, inch by luscious inch. When she’d worked her top up far enough, she gave me a quick view of her boobs then covered back up. It was enough to give me wood though. From experience, I knew that when she wore a tank top, she seldom wore anything underneath, especially if she was lazing around the house. 

“No. Gimme more. Show me longer.” 

This time when she lifted her shirt she gave me a little shimmy and to my delight, her nipples had stiffened as well. 

“Mmm, I wanna lick ‘em.” 

She pulled her shirt down again.  

“Take it off, Kare.” 


“Come on. I’ll be able to go to sleep with your beautiful titties on my mind.” 

Pulling it over her head she tossed the shirt aside.  

“God you’re gorgeous, Karis. Touch them.” 

Her lips parted and she shrugged helplessly. 

“What, wild one? All of a sudden you’re shy?”  

She looked down, then trapped one nipple between her thumb and index finger. 

“Mmm, yeah,” I encouraged as she plucked at the taut bud. She had me on the edge of my seat. 

“Get comfy, baby. Lay back on those pillows and give those beautiful nipples a good going over.” 

I picked up my own laptop and made my way to my bedroom. The way this was going, I wanted to get cozy too.  

By the time I got settled, sitting propped up in my bed with my pants undone, and gave her my full attention again, she had both hands covering each breast, plumping the weighty flesh. 

“Damn, I wish I was there.” 

“I wish you were too,” she said, arching her back slightly.  

She took one finger and placed it her mouth, wetting it. Then she circled one erect nipple. 

“Do the other side, too,” I directed.  

She wet another digit. 
Fascinated and totally mesmerized I watched as she circled each breast in tandem. “Fuck me, Karis, that’s hot. Does it feel good?” Her eyelids had taken on that heavy look, like she might be slightly aroused. I was more than a little stimulated. My cock was throbbing already, reaching out of my underwear.  

 “It feels good. But not as good as your tongue. Not matter what I do, nothing feels that good.” She opened her palms and rotated.  

“Move lower, Kare. I wanna see you touch your pussy.”  

She slid her hand down her belly and into her shorts.  

“Are you wet?” 

“Mmmhmm.” She nodded. 

“Let me see. Take your shorts off.” I was getting so excited. 

“You too? Can I watch you too?” Her voice had taken on a sexy, raspy quality.  

I rushed to get my pants off but kept my gaze riveted on the screen. As I fumbled around like a lunatic, every move she made was sensual.  

“Oh, Call, you’re so hard.” 

“Tell me about it,” I said. “You’re driving me crazy.” 

“Hey, you started this,” she said in accusation.  

Gloriously naked now, she lay out on the bed and tried to angle the laptop just so. 

“No, no, pull your knees up and position your computer right between your legs. I wanna see everything.” I blew out a harsh breath. 

“Call…” She hesitated. 

“Please babe? Let me see your sweet pussy.” 

Once she stopped moving, I had the most amazing view of her cunt. Bare and smooth, exactly the way I liked.  

“Beautiful,” I breathed, wishing for the thousandth time I was there. I wanted to suck on those gorgeous swollen lips. “My fucking God, I’m gonna cum in about thirty seconds. Touch it, Kare.” 

“You first.”  

I fisted my cock, not wanting to give it too much attention. Simply watching her had me on the very edge. A little stimulation and it would be all over for me and I so wanted to enjoy watching her jill herself. 

“Does it feel good?” she asked. 

“Mmm, not as good as when I have your greedy little hands wrapped around me. Or better yet that hot talented mouth of yours.”
She placed her hand atop her mound, and as if in slow motion, she brought her middle finger into my line of vision. She inserted it just inside her pussy, the tip barely disappeared, then she dragged it up to her clit.  

“Open up a little, Karis, let me see…” I groaned long and loud when she parted those pink puffy lips with her fingers. 

“Christ, that’s nice!” 

Her finger vanished into the dark abyss and I had to tighten my ass cheeks in an attempt to slow down my racing eagerness. 

“In and out,” I instructed, eyes glued. “Are you getting there, Karis? Are you close?” 

She made a non-committal sound that made me think I was going to climax way before she was. I released my cock, hoping that would help me last. 

“Diddle that delicious clit, baby.” When she moved to do it, her cunt shimmered. “Oh, my God, Karis, you’re so wet, I can see you glistening.”  

“Slippery,” she murmured. Her back arched and I hoped she was close. “The way you like it.” 

“We are so gonna do this again when we’re together. I am so gonna watch you play with yourself. Then I can slide right into you and enjoy your slick cunt. You’re making my fucking mouth water. I want to suck on you so bad. I’d roll that tasty clit between my lips. I’d fuck you with my tongue.” 

She gasped, her hips rolling.  

“Circle it, Karis. Faster!” 

“Oh, Call!”  

“Get it, Karis. Come for me.” 

Her thigh quivered and then she bucked almost violently. I saw her opening clench and I had to grab my dick. My balls tightened and I came with her, jizz erupting in strong spurts all over my stomach and chest. She whimpered as she continued to finger fuck herself, her hips listing. She dragged out her orgasm, making me almost jealous of how long she’d been able to keep it going. 

For a moment, the only sound was our harsh breathing and the squeak of the bedsprings as she calmed. 

When I could speak again, the best I could do was say, “Wow.” 

She turned over then pulled the laptop around so I could focus on her face. She balled up a pillow under her arms then rested her chin. 

Her eyes were heavy. Sexy. 

“You look sleepy now, beautiful.” 

“I am. But I need my Call pillow to cuddle up to.” 

“I wish. I’m gonna go clean myself up. You made me make a mess here.” 

“I aim to please,” she mumbled, eyes closed now. 

“Talk tomorrow, babe.” 

“’Kay, tomorrow. Thanks for the orgasm, pretty boy.”

Evernight     Amazon 

Call Barstow spent the better part of his teenage years fighting off the sexual advances of Karis Hirt. Gorgeous, wild, promiscuous, and his best friend, Trey’s little sister, to boot. This in the teenage boy vernacular is referred to as pure unadulterated hell!

Determined to keep his friends from his sister, Trey swears all his buddies to a hands-off-the-sister pact, which Call takes very seriously. Call’s pledge is only made more torturous when the sensual little vixen, Karis, is determined to make him break his vow. But his constant rejection only drives her to rebel, leaving her reputation in tatters.

Years later, Karis resurfaces in Call's life—a subdued version of the wild child he remembers. Suddenly the pact doesn’t seem important anymore, nor does her spotty reputation. As Call begins to reconcile the past-and-present Karis, he is inundated with memories of her and soon finds himself head over heels with the girl who consumed his youth.

Can Call not only forget but overlook her shadowed sexual history for a bright new future? Or will Karis’ wild past only lead to their eventual ruin? 

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  1. UNF! I never masturbated on screen like that, but I've had my share of over-the-phone moments that were almost as hot as this. Rawr!